Picture of house with labeled components

Builder Speak and Building Terminology Explained

In almost every industry there is a certain language used and terms that are specific to that industry. The Construction & Building industry is no different. In this article I endeavour to interpret a bunch of building terminology and translate it into ordinary English so that the everyday property owner can understand.

Finishing Lines

The first area I will explain is around what we term as finishing lines…

How to Avoid Unsightly Cracks in Your Concrete Slab or Driveway

Have you ever been to someone’s house and seen cracks in their concrete floor or driveway and thought to yourself ‘this looks awful, how can I avoid this happening to my concrete’? Well, without getting too much into the science of how concrete works, I’m going to let you in on some important tips about how to eliminate these unsightly cracks.

Affordable Homes?

There has been a good deal of media and government discussion around how to build more affordable homes. There is much talk about how many new homes we should be building, to meet a growing demand. Any progress or solutions to this will require strong cross-party and community support.