Build From Own Plans Process

If you already have your plans done we can price a full-contract build from your own plans. In order for us to give a comprehensive detailed price it takes a considerable amount of time for us to prepare. To quote an average house or extension it involves site visits with our subcontractors and time getting our head around the details and takes about 40 hours of time, so we do charge for this. The cost will generally be somewhere between $750 to $2,000 (depending on the build size) to give a full comprehensive and detailed quote. This cost will be deducted from the contract price if you do go ahead and engage us to build the home.

Schedule and complete a 20-Minute Discovery Call with us

The second step is to book in and have a 20-minute phone call with us. After looking at your completed Dream Home Questionnaire we will have a good idea of where you’re at in the process. We will then get you to email through your plans to us so we can have a good look. If we think that we can work together, and you will be a good fit with us we will get in touch with our Quantity Surveyor and come back to you with a cost to price your plans. The cost to price your plans and come back to you with a comprehensive detailed price schedule is usually between $1,000 and $4,000. This pricing cost will then be deducted from our contract price if you choose to engage us and go ahead with the contract.

Site Consultation for Pricing

Once the cost to price the job has been agreed and paid we will arrange a site visit with our subcontractors to go over and confirm the full scope of works to price. We will then meet you on site with our team to confirm all the details. This visit will usually be attended by our Project Manager, Drainlayer, Plumber, Electrician, Painter and any other specialty trades required.

Building Proposal Document

Submission of Proposal

Next we will start the pricing process and come back to you with a Fixed Full Contract Comprehensive Build Price. It will take approximately three weeks from our site visit to come back to you with a fully detailed Proposal.

Full Contract Building Agreement

As Registered Master Builders we use the Master Builders Standard Contract Agreement applicable to the works e.g. if your project is a New Build, we use the Master Builders New Build Contract and if your project is for an Alteration and/or Extension, we use the Master Builders Alterations and Additions Contract.

At this stage we will also fill in the application for the 10-Year Master Build Guarantee and supply this to you to check over along with the building contract.

Once you are happy with the full scope of works included in the Contract, we will give an estimated project time-line with estimated completion date. When this is agreed it is time to sign the contract and pay the deposit so we can lock in our builders, subcontractors and material supplies.

Home under construction

The Build

Once the contract is all signed up and works scheduled we will start work on the agreed date and work through the construction process to bring together the home of your dreams. The build process will involve coordinating lots of different materials, contractors and building inspections. As you see the building coming together you may decide to make the odd change which we will work through with you and provide a variation to the contract to suit the adjusted works.


Once the final council inspection has the all clear we will go through our final checklist to make sure every box has been ticked. Once you are fully satisfied with your home we will hand you the keys to your brand new dream home.


To give you complete confidence after you building project we have covered you for structural faults, workmanship and materials. This means that we will come back and fix things for you. We have a 12-month maintenance period to sort out issues and we will supply you with all the required maintenance documentation and requirements relating to the up-keep of the specific building materials used for your build.

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