Image of the 5-Day Minor Dwelling Challenge graphic

Hi, my name is Daniel Hemus and I help Auckland property owners to create an additional income stream from their existing property.

I believe that as time goes on our children are going to struggle to get into the property market. By adding an additional dwelling to our sites we can help our children by building an inheritance and legacy for them.

I have recently put together a guide called The Feasibility Guide to building a Granny Flat or Minor Dwelling in Auckland.

This guide was originally available as a download however it is no longer available to download separately and is now the core training material in our Minor Dwelling Challenges that we are running.

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By joining our Minor Dwelling Challenge you’ll be able to go through this 7-Step process…

  • Determine your property zone and learn the standards
  • Check your site to see if it has any issues to work through
  • Work out what you can build on your site within the standards
  • Work out an estimate of your Development Contributions
  • Service Connections – Sewer, Stormwater, Power, Water, etc
  • How much will it cost for the actual build?
  • Putting it all together using the Goldline Feasibility Checklist

As this is a very comprehensive guide, I have broken it down into 7 individual PDF documents so you don’t get overwhelmed with information overload up front.

In order to work out a true comprehensive ballpark estimate for your Granny Flat or Minor Dwelling, click the link to find out more about our next Minor Dwelling Challenge NOW!