Get Started Building a Granny Flat

Granny Flat Auckland – So, you have decided that now is the time to just do it. You have thought about doing it forever, made idea boards, fantasized about the potential financial benefits, researched, went back and forth… but now you are serious.  You are going to build a granny flat.

But now what?

Now that you are ready to make the leap what do you do to get going? Here are the first 3 things you need to do to turn your granny flat dreams into a reality.

1. Evaluate Your Finances

One of the biggest questions homeowners need to ask themselves before taking on building a is “Can I afford this?”

While their demure size can denote a smaller price tag than your typical single‐family home, they still come with many of the costs of a standard new construction.

Another thing to look at when thinking about finances are the comparisons for your neighbourhood. When trying to evaluate the financial feasibility of a granny flat it can be helpful to see what other homes and dwellings are valued at where you are; especially if you are considering using your accessory structure as a rental property.

This can help define what kind of structure you should consider building as well as what kind of finances you need to organize for your granny flat.

2. Learn About Your Lot

Most homeowners know truly little about the actual land that they live on.

Gathering information about your property, especially when concerned with city ordinances and codes can be one of the most daunting tasks when starting any new construction process. When deciding to build a granny flat some important things to know regarding your lot:

A. How is your property zoned?

This should be the first question you ask when considering a new build on your property. Learning what your property’s zoning is will give you the first idea of what you can do on your land.

Most cities like Auckland readily provide this information to the public through an online system that can be accessed through the city’s website.

B. What kind of restrictions/requirements are written into the deed for your property?

Another aspect that can affect what type of building you can do on your lot is what restrictions and provisions are written into the deed for your property. Occasionally, some deeds will have restrictions on accessory structures written into them that may limit what you can do on your lot..

C. What codes are being enforced on your property at the city levels?

Knowing what kind of specific codes are being enforced on your property is another factor that will greatly affect what kind of structure you can build. Every city has its own unique set of building codes that dictate what and how you can build. Most cities make all information regarding their building code available to the public through their website. If this seems a little overwhelming, we get it. Our experts are available to get you started.

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