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Changes to Auckland Unitary Plan make it Easier to Build a Minor Dwelling

With the recent changes to the Auckland Unitary Plan property development is now being encouraged, especially around public transport routes. Previous requirements and restrictions have been significantly relaxed which has increased the possibility of adding that extra unit or minor dwelling.

Train and Bus

Extra dwellings could be used for a number of options including rental unit, Air B’n’B, or flat etc. It could even be subdivided off and sold as a stand-alone house giving you a sizable return on your investment.

Air BnB

Even if there are stormwater or sewer pipes running through your property these can be piled around and built over. We have done a number of builds over council pipes as the additional cost for this is significantly outweighed by the finished value of the extra dwelling when built.

If you are interested to see if developing your site is a viable option, then let us know the address. We can check it out on the Auckland Council GeoMaps website without having to physically go to your property. We can then quickly come back to you and advise around the potential options.

Before submitting your site details check out the budgeting costs below and if you think the costs are feasible then enter your details in the form below.

Auckland Geo Maps

Budgeting Costs to Consider

There are a considerable number of requirements and associated costs that need to be sorted out up front before building work can begin. Don’t be fooled by some of the so-called cheap prices being banded around in the media about minor dwellings being as cheap as $69,000. That price was excluding GST and was for materials only. It didn’t include builder’s labour, plumbing, electrical or any of the following costs that may be required:

  • Concept and Working Drawings by an Architectural Designer
  • Site topographical/contour survey and marking boundaries by a registered surveyor
  • Geotech Engineering often required for foundation works
  • A Structural Engineer that may be required for specific structural design of foundations or bracing etc
  • Sometimes a Town Planner may be required and can be engaged to work through the Resource Consent process if necessary
  • Building Consent fees 
  • There are a number of reasons why a Resource Consent my be required – Building over pipes, Height to boundary infringement or woring through a council Overlay e.g. a Heritage Area etc
  • Some sites require a Flood Report and specific foundation design if they are in a flood plane or have an Overland Flow Path on the site
  • Council Contributions are also required for site developments
  • Most sites these days also require retention tanks for stormwater mitigation to stop flooding in the streets

Other costs to consider could be the following:

  • Services connections like power, water, sewer and fibre. If the property is subdividable it may pay to put in new connections rather than connecting to the existing main house services
  • Landscaping and retaining walls
  • Driveways, decks and fences

We will work through all these requirements up front and determine what is necessary for your site. We will try and include as much as possible in our Preliminary Building Agreement so that you are as informed as possible around the costs associated with your build.

Generally you will need a budget starting from a minium of $200K and it will depend on what is actually required for your site, the spec and level of finish you want and the actual size and design.

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Guarantee for Peace of Mind

10-Year Guarantee

We belong to the Registered Master Builders Association and as standard we include the Master Build 10-Year Guarantee which comes with:

  • 10-Year Structural Guarantee
  • Protection against loss of deposit
  • Protection against non-finished works

Design & Build from concept to completion done in 30 weeks or we'll give you $5,000 cash - T&C's Apply*

* Terms & Conditions – 30 weeks Design & Build package based on 200m2 house or less and excludes Resource Consent stage if this is a requirement. Clock stops if owners take longer than 3 weeks to confirm scope and make decisions in the design phase. Applies to Full Contract builds in Auckland area only. Clock starts once Preliminary Building Agreement is signed and runs through Concept stage, Full Working Drawings stage, Building Consent Application stage, Full Construction stage, and finishes on issue of Code Compliance Certificate or Move-in date whichever is the earlier. Clock stops with any hold-ups due to the owner or land related issues. 30 weeks is based on a week being 5 working days and excludes public holidays. 30 weeks excludes time from 24th December through to 15th January. If owner supplies any part/s of the project then they must stick to our schedule or job becomes ineligible.

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