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Goldline Construction is Your Sloping Block Builder For Granny Flats And Minor Dwellings in Auckland

Goldline Construction has 20 years of experience in the industry, bringing our clients dream homes into reality and that includes handling trickly sites as a sloping block builder in Auckland.

Problems with Sloping Block Builders in Auckland Goldline Construction Addresses

With the terrain in Auckland and the surrounding area, many properties are on steep and rugged sloped terrain. Building on these sites can be a challenge. However, all is not lost – the resulting homes, built to take full advantage of the lot’s terrain can become your breathtaking dream home when you come to us for your design and construction needs.

Sloping Site
A sloping block can offer many unique challenges when building a small home, often necessitating a custom design as most standardised plans are intended for level land. Having built homes in the Auckland area for almost 20 years, we have dealt with the steepest of slopes and created homes that took advantage of their unique lots. Here are a few of the specific issues with sloping block homes we have dealt with:
  • The first issue comes during the design phase dealing with the contour of the land itself. We can present options to fully take advantage of the contour to offer you the best views and use of the site.
  • Sloping blocks can require some excavation depending on your desired home design. We will oversee any soil displacement and deal with any shoring of the slope that is required to build your small home.
  • Foundations on sloping blocks can be tricky, often requiring deeper footings and even retaining walls and special draining requirements. With our experience, we are well acquainted with these issues and will advise you accordingly.
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What Sets Goldline Construction Apart as Sloping Block Builders in Auckland


    Beyond our extensive experience in all aspects of home construction, our Architectural Small Home Design and Build Package sets us apart from the rest. It is our goal to build the house you have always dreamed of, and we offer customisation options that will ensure you get the results you want. Our design and build package includes:
  • We start by learning what you want in your new home and about your site. The information we learn in our initial meetings will help us begin the design process as a baseline.
  • As we design custom homes, if you have any special requests, we are happy to include them. Many of our past customers had extra storage or a space tailored for their specific hobbies and activities added to the design.
  • Don’t forget the exterior. We can design a home with the same look as its neighbours or with a unique style that will help it stand out from the rest. Make sure to ask about all the options available.
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Why Trust Goldline Construction as Sloping Block Builders in Auckland

Our clients trust in our extensive experience when handling complex custom construction projects from start to finish. With almost two decades in the industry, we have built a well-earned reputation for the quality of the work we do and the customisation options we offer to our clients. If you need builders on your trickly sloping block in Auckland, you can be confident that we have completed projects on similar lots and will do so for you. If you are ready to have your dream home built, contact us today to start the process with our free 20-minute discovery call.

Guarantee for Peace of Mind

10-Year Guarantee

We belong to the Registered Master Builders Association and as standard we include the Master Build 10-Year Guarantee which comes with:

  • 10-Year Structural Guarantee
  • Protection against loss of deposit
  • Protection against non-finished works
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